How the News Shapes Perceptions of the Economy

Friday, October 21, 2011 - 03:00 to 04:30
President's Room, Singletary Center
  • Dr. Yanna Krupnikov (Political Science, Indiana University) will present, "How the News Shapes Perceptions of the Economy," this Friday from 3-4:30 in the President's Room of the Singletary Center.  Poster here
  • Register! for Dr. Krupnikov's lunchtime presentation on "Teaching Undergraduate Methods" in POT 1645 on Friday at noon. Sandwiches served.  
  • Dr. Krupnikov uses an innovative survey experiment (adult subjects, N=1000) to show that economic news "evidence" emphasizing human interest stories lead people to form very different perceptions of the economy than items empahsizing statistical evidence and leads people to form overall more pessimistic impressions and be more critical of the government. Dr. Krupnikov's research focuses on the relationship between political communication and voter decision-making by integrating political science with research from marketing, psychology and behavioral decision theory.  
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Research Talks