UK Research Methods Courses and Resources

Welcome to the QIPSR research methods course and resources directory! The goal of this page is to orient people from colleges and departments across the University of Kentucky to all of the different courses, labs, and initiatives aimed at providing quality research methods training at UK. The truth is, regardless of the department that a course may be housed in, many methods and statistical toolkits we use are interdisciplinary and are applied in most of the social and behavioral sciences.

Because course prerequisites and levels of training vary across departments, we have provided a rough guide below indicating the level of knowledge required for the class. This is only a rough guide, however, and you should always discuss requirements with the instructor before signing up for a class. You should also be clear with the instructor if you intend to take the course for credit, as an audit, or if you simply want to "sit in." In many instances, course titles can be cryptic about what is actually taught in the class. Therefore, it's probably best go beyond the course listing and ask for a copy of the syllabus. 



Type of Course Approximate Math/statistics Background
Philosophy of Science & Research Design None
Introductory Statistics College Algebra, Undergraduate statistics may be helpful
General Survey of GLM's and Maximum Likelihood Models Introductory Statistics, Some calculus may be necessary
Advanced Topics Generalized Linear Modeling, Maximum Likelihood
Consulting and Other Resources None