Advanced Topics

Course Instructor Offered Available in S2019
PA 795: Special Topics (e.g., Causal Modeling) J.S. Butler Varies Yes
BST 761: Time to Event Analysis Li Chen F2015, F2016 No
ECO 499: Times Series Analysis for Macroeconomics and Finance Yoonbai Kim F2011 No
ECO 707: Advanced Research in Economics (Econometrics) Carlos Lamarche F2013; F2015 Yes
ECO 790/STA 626: Time Series Multiple instructors S2012 No
STA 630: Bayesian Inference Simon Bonner S2014 No
BST 760: Advanced Regression Marta Mendiondo S2012 No
BST 762: Longitudinal Data Analysis Multiple instructors Typically every spring No
STA 621: Nonparametric Statistics Multiple Instructors Fall No

GEO 705: Advanced Geographic Methods 

Multiple Instructors Spring No
EDP 679: Measurement Theory and Techniques Michael Toland Every fall No
EDP/EPE 711: Special Topics in Advanced Quantitative Methods (e.g., Causal and Quasi Experiments) Multiple instructors Varies Yes
EDP/EPE 712: Advanced Psychometric Methods (e.g., Structural Equation Modeling) Multiple instructors S2017 Yes
EDP/EPE 773: Applied Structural Equation Modeling Patrick Yang S2011 No
EDP/EPE 778: Multilevel Analysis Xin Ma Typically in the fall No


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