Recent Stories

06|09|15 - Graduate Student Research Grant Building and Review Teams

You can download the program rules for the grad student REGBART program here


Research Grant Building and Review Team (REGBART-G)

06|06|15 - Research Grant Building and Review Team for Faculty (REGBART-F)

Download a PDF copy of the new program rules for the faculty REGBART here

05|04|15 - How To Do Event History Modeling in the Economic, Political, and Social Sciences

QIPSR's event history modeling workshop has been canceled due to a late breaking scheduling conflict. Our goal will be to reschedule the workshop for sometime in the Fall.

04|10|15 - A Conversation with Simon Jackman

QIPSR and the Department of Political Science will be holding a lunch conversation with renowned political methodologist 

04|10|15 - Unlisted and Ignored: How the Turn to Voter Registration Lists Excludes People and Opinions from Political Science and Political Representation by Simon Jackman

Renowned political methodologist Simon Jackman (Stanford) will be giving a presentation on Thursday, April 30th, 3:00-4:30 PM in the Marksbury Building Theater.


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