Recent Stories

02|15|15 - A Guide to Rasch Analysis

Dr. Kelly Bradley (Educational Policy Studies & Evaluation, University of Kentucky) will be offering an introductory workshop on Rasch Analysis for the construction of questionnaires and scaling. The workshop will take place Friday, March 6th, 2015.

02|15|15 - The Basics of Exploratory Factor Analysis

Dr. Peggy S. Keller (Psychology Department, University of Kentucky) will offer an Introductory Workshop on Exploratory Factor Analysis on Friday, February 27th, 2015.

02|11|15 - NIH F31/32 Grant Workshop: Methods for Managing the Madness
EventNIH F31/32 Grant Workshop: M
12|15|14 - Winter Software Festival 2014

Winter Software Festival.  Two-hour introductory software workshops.  

11|23|14 - Spring 2015 Graduate Methods Offerings
PS 672 Intro to Techniques of Political Research
2:00-3:15 Dan Morey


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