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09|18|14 - "JUST THE FAQs: Who and What You Should Know to Jump Start Your Research Program at UK"

"JUST THE FAQs: Who and What You Should Know

09|15|14 - From Alpha to Omega and Beyond

QIPSR will be offering a short workshop on calculating the Chronbach's Alpha & Omega statistics for index validity on November 21st 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM in t

09|15|14 - Annual Conference: Democracy at Risk
The fifth annual QIPSR Conference entitled Democracy at Risk will take place on Friday, November 7th in the Gallery of Young Library. 
09|15|14 - A (Relatively) Gentle Introduction to Bayesian Analysis Using Stata and R
QIPSR will be offering an introductory workshop on Bayesian data analysis on October 23rd at 2:00pm


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