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05|05|14 - Suggestions for Spring 2015 Methodological Theme

Building on the success of the Spring 2014 Methodological Theme of Structural Equation Modeling QIPSR is requesting proposals for next year's theme. The Methodological Theme will help to tie in the different events in the Spring semester and provide a more cohesive experience for audiences.

05|02|14 - 2-Day Intensive SEM Workshop

Have you attended the QIPSR mini-conference on structural equation modeling (SEM) and are now interested in getting hands-on experience with powerful method? You are in luck!

04|12|14 - Reversing Trajectories: Incarceration, Violence and Political Consequences

Reversing Trajectories will take place on April 16th, 17th and 18th. This conference will focus on the substantive links between incarceration and violence and their political results.

01|27|14 - SEM Series

This Spring QIPSR will be hosting a series of events on SEM.

01|23|14 - Structural Equation Modeling Series

The mini-conference on “Causal Complexity: Non-recursive Relationship and Latent Variables” organized by QIPSR (The Quantitati


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