Statistical Workshops

Gary King, Beyond the Cutting Edge: New Directions in Quantitative Social Science

Dr. Gary King (Political Science, Harvard University) will present three talks, April 19th & 20th. Poster.

Thursday, April 19th:  from 4:00– 5:30 pm, CB 110

"Using TABARI, Text & Event Data Analysis"

Phil Schrodt (Political Science, Penn State University) will presebt a two-hour workshop, Friday, Nov. 4, from 2 to 4 pm, in the Gatton Computer Lab, on "Using TABARI, Text & Event Data Analysis," a program he designed for conducting text analysis to analyze and forecast international events.

Seven Deadly Sins of Contemporary Quantitative Political Analysis

Professor Philip A. Schrodt (Penn State University, Political Science) is one of the leading scholars in International Relations and Political Methodology. His current research focuses on predicting political change using statistical and pattern recognition methods.

Time Course Data and Varying Coefficient Modeling

Dr. Damla Senturk (from UCLA Biostatistics), will present, "Time Course Data and Varying Coefficient Modeling," in CB 231 from 9 am to 10 am, Monday September 9, 2011. 

Intensive May Workshop: Multilevel Modeling (MLM) Using Stata

Multilevel Modeling (MLM) Using Stata.  Brandon Bartels (Political Science, GWU) will present a 3-day workshop on Multilevel Modeling (MLM) using Stata that extends to longitudinal analysis.  Brandon uses multilevel modeling in his research in judicial politics and teaches a graduate course in MLM at GWU.  Morning sessions are devoted to conceptual topics (in BE 148), with afternoon sessions in the Gatton computer lab (BE 105).

Intensive May Workshop: Spatial Regression Analysis

 Paul Voss (Sociologist, UNC, Chapel Hill, Odum Institute) will present a 3-day workshop on spatial regression analysis.  Paul introduces R, some Bayesian modeling and a simple software package, GeoDa, as well.  Morning sessions are devoted to conceptual topics (in BE 148), with afternoon sessions in the Gatton computer lab (BE 105). (Co-sponsored with Statistics, the Tracy Farmer Institute and the Geospatial Science & Technology (GST) Group.) May 17th to 19th (Tuesday to Thursday), Gatton.  

Automated Content Analysis for Social Scientists

 "Automated Content Analysis for Social Scientists," March 9, Wednesday.3:00-5:00 pm, President's Room, Singletary CenterDaniel Hopkins (Political Scientist, Georgetown), co-author (with Gary King, Harvard) of a nonparametric method of authomated content analysis.