Gary King, Beyond the Cutting Edge: New Directions in Quantitative Social Science

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 04:00 to Friday, April 20, 2012 - 02:00
Thursday: CB 110; Friday am: Mining & Minerals 110; Friday pm: Mining & Minerals 102

Dr. Gary King (Political Science, Harvard University) will present three talks, April 19th & 20th. Poster.

Thursday, April 19th:  from 4:00– 5:30 pm, CB 110

How Censorship in China Allows Government Criticism but Silences Collective Expression

Friday, April 20th: 10:00 - 11:30 am in Mining & Minerals 110 (Rose St, near Boone Faculty Club)

"Computer-Assisted Clustering and Conceptualization from Unstructured Text"


Friday, April 20th: from 2:30 – 4 pm, Mining & Minerals 102 (Rose St, near Boone Faculty Club)
Matching Methods for Causal Inference


Gary King is the Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor at Harvard University, based in the Department of Government (in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences). He also serves as Director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science. King and his research group develop and apply empirical methods in many areas of social science research, focusing on innovations that span the range from statistical theory to practical application.

Event type: 
Statistical Workshop


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 There are additional resources for doing automated text analysis.  To use ReadMe, you’ll need to learn Python, a programming language.

  • Rama Kavuluru, in Biomedial Informatics, is teaching a course on Natural Language Processing in the fall, where students learn Python to do text analysis in the first half of the course, and do an applied study in an area of their choice in the second half. 
  • Also, Todd Johnson, Director of Biomedical Informatics at UK, points out that one can take a free online course that provides an intro to programming in Python at It is designed for folks who have never programmed and is really quite good. In fact, it is probably better than most face-to-face classes: It is called Building a Search Engine, but they just use that to motivate the intro to programming.