Spring Software Festival 2018

Guest Speaker: Dr. Maya Sen

Winter 2014 Software Festival

May Intensive Workshop: SEM

A (Relatively) Gentle Introduction to Bayesian Analysis Using Stata and R

From Alpha to Omega and Beyond

Faculty Workshop on Private Foundation Grants

Spring 2014: Reversing Trajectories: Incarceration, Violence and Political Consequences

Fall 2014: Democracy at Risk

A Bayesian Semiparametric Competing Risk Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity

Introduction to Qualtrics: a Hands-on Workshop

Introduction to PROC TRAJ

Modeling Multiple Time Scales of Development

Multicollinearlity & Residualization: When the Cure is Worse than the Disease!

Introductory Workshop on Time Series


Free Stata Webinar

“Grant Writing Strategies: Progressing from an Idea to Funding”

Computer-Assisted Clustering and Conceptualization from Unstructured Text

May Intensive Workshop: Multilevel Models for Longitudinal and Clustered Data

Grant Seminar (all-day)

Ohio River Valley Objective Measurement Seminar (ORVOMS)

New Directions in Labor and Public Economics

Applied Survey Data Analysis

Does Loss Aversion Motivate Collective Action? A Field Experiment

Fall 2012: The Polarized Electorate

Gender Inequality and Integration in the U.S. and Latin America, Michelle Taylor-Robinson

Electing Judges, James Gibson

Research on Mental Illness, Bernice Pescosolido

Automated Content Analysis for Social Scientists

Intensive May Workshop: Spatial Regression Analysis

Intensive May Workshop: Multilevel Modeling (MLM) Using Stata

Spring 2011: Immigration Policy in an Anti-Immigrant Era

An Insider's Guide to Social Science Grants

May Intensive Workshop: Missing Data and Applied Solutions

Gary King, Beyond the Cutting Edge: New Directions in Quantitative Social Science

NSF Ins and Outs from a Temporary Insider

"Using TABARI, Text & Event Data Analysis"

Time Course Data and Varying Coefficient Modeling

Policy Analysis with Incredible Certitude

Spring 2012: Rising Economic Inequality in the 21st Century

How the News Shapes Perceptions of the Economy

Seven Deadly Sins of Contemporary Quantitative Political Analysis

Writing Successful NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants

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