Introduction to PROC TRAJ

Monday, December 2, 2013 - 15:00

Richard Charnigo will be conducting an introductory workshop on PROC TRAJ in SAS. This workshop will be offered twice. Once on December 2nd and again on Wednesday December 11th. Both talks will be at 3:00pm. Please register to attend with Johanna Wray at



This talk will be helpful for studies in which multiple persons, firms, or governments (perhaps dozens or hundreds) are assessed at several time points.  The idea is to identify prototypical temporal trajectories in the population from which these persons are drawn as well as, possibly, factors that predict the prototypical temporal trajectory to which a particular person is most likely to belong. In a substance abuse context, for instance, the prototypical temporal trajectories might correspond to groups of non-users, experimental users, and escalating users.

Event type: 
Software Workshop
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