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The New Rules of NSF for Graduate Students: Dissertation (DDRI) Grants and Research Fellowships (GRFP)

QIPSR sponsored a workshop on NSF dissertation improvement grants for graduate students on Friday, November 22nd from 11:30-12:45. 
Tom Janoski gave an introduction about the programs, websites and nature of each grant/fellowship.  Mary Boulton talked about the A&S procedures on Fastlane and some of the new budgetary rules that allow budgeting for items not previously allowed for those doing analyses of secondary data sets. Christia Brown talked about applications in the psychology program with her student’s experiences. Tom Janoski then talked about recent student applications in sociology and how the review process works with Sara Compion discussing her experiences. Finally, Mark Peffley talked about the recent changes and complications for political science for NSF grants. 
Workshop Agenda
Thomas Janoski, Sociology Department DRIG and GRFP applications to the NSF. 10 minutes
Mary Boulton, College Grants Officer Sociology 10-15 minutes, followed by questions
Thomas Janoski,  Sociology and Sara Compion ABD 15 minutes, followed by questions
Christia Brown, Psychology, and student 15 minutes, followed by questions
Mark Peffley, Political Science Department 10 minutes, followed by questions
Light lunch provided