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Lane Kenworthy (Sociologist, U AZ), "America's Struggling Lower Half.”

When Does Economic Growth Benefit People on the Low to Middle Incomes - And Why?

The Politics of Helping the Poor

America's Struggling Lower Half

Rashmita Mistry (Psychologist, UCLA), “Poverty, inequality, and child development research: Promoting healthy development for children at risk.”

Increasing the Complexity of Young Adolescents's Beliefs About Poverty and Inequality

Expanding the Family Economic Stress Model: Insights From a Mixed-Methods Approach

Leslie McCall (Sociologist, Northwestern), "American Beliefs about Income Inequality from the 1980s to Occupy Wall Street."

Why do Americans Care About Income Inequality?

Americans' Social Policy Preferences in the Era of Rising Inequality

The (Un)deserving Rich: American Beliefs About Income Inequality from 1980 to the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Martin Gilens (Political Science, Princeton), “Affluence & Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America.”

Affluence and Influence Introduction

Inequality and Democratic Responsiveness


Faculty Participants and Organizers: 

Thomas Janoski (Sociology, UK), James Ziliak (Economics, UK), Christia Brown (Psychology, UK), Brea Perry (Sociology, UK), Ed Morris (Sociology, UK), Mark Peffley (Political Science, UK), Richard Fording (Political Science, AL), Robert Rohrschneider (Political Science, KU) 





This conference is sponsored by the Quantitative Institute for Policy and Social Research(QIPSR), the Departments of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology, and the UK Center for Poverty Research.