Mixed, Multilevel, and Panel Working Group

Issues with clustered or nested data and heterogeneous group effects are some of the most common problems in the social and behavioral sciences. Models designed to help deal with these problems (known in different fields as mixed effects, multilevel, hierarchical, longitudinal, or panel data analysis) abound in the work done by faculty and graduate students at UK and are some of the most common advanced tools in applied statistics.

The MMP Working Group at UK will be an opportunity for people across campus working on similar kinds of problems to meet and learn about advanced applications in mixed effects modeling from psychometrics, biometrics, econometrics, and statistics. We plan to hold regular meetings designed to help participants deal with applied problems and learn about new models and tools.

So that we can provide participants flexibility in meeting their needs, working group meetings will vary in their format and design. Depending on interest, meetings will be designed so that:

  • Participants can present new or specialized models at meetings
  • Participants can present their applied work and get feedback from a variety of perspectives and disciplines
  • Participants can discuss new papers or methods as an advanced reading group
  • Participants can learn practical statistical programming skills for mixed effects models in software like R, Stata, or SAS.

If you are interested in participating in this working group please fill out the form below. 

Your Background
Working Group Format
Please write a brief abstract of the paper that you would like to present. Be clear if it is methodological or applied work and give details about your modeling strategies. Presentations will be informal and operate like most standard conferences (10-15 minutes for presentation plus discussion). This is an excellent way to get feedback on your work before going to a conference or submitting to a journal.
Please give a brief description of what kinds of models you would like to cover and if you want to teach applied programming in a specific software package. If you have offered similar workshops in the past please let us know. These short workshops can range from 20 minutes introducing a new package to an hour-long discussion of an advanced method.