Applied Survey Data Analysis and Survey Weighting

In conjunction with the Applied Statistics lab, QIPSR will be offering an in-depth workshop on applied survey analysis and survey weighting using stata on Saturday, March 28 from 9:00-3:00. The program is listed below and will include lunch and coffee breaks. Locations to be announced to registered participants only. You can download all workshop materials and PowerPoint files here


  • Applied Statistics Lab (ASL)
  • Quantitative Initiative for Policy and Social Research (QIPSR)
  • Department of Political Science


Why do we need survey data analysis software? Most regular statistical software analyzes survey data as if the data were collected using simple random sampling, which is rarely the case. When surveys are stratified, clustered or weighted, we need special statistical software to estimate standard errors accurately and avoid a host of estimation errors.

This workshop provided participants with an introductory, hands-on overview of issues frequently encountered when analyzing survey data. The first part of the workshop reviews different sampling techniques, core statistical concepts, and methods of variance estimation. In the second part, participants receive hands-on experience in the analysis of survey data using the “svy” commands in Stata. Examples are drawn from the analysis of social science surveys such as the American National Elections Studies (ANES), General Social Survey (GSS), and AmericasBarometer surveys.




Tom Janoski, Professor, Department of Sociology and Director of QIPSR

Introduction to Sampling Techniques: Simple Random Samples versus Complex Samples

Abby Córdova, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science  

Dominique Zéphyr, Data Analyst, Applied Statistics Lab (ASL)

Variance Estimation Techniques

Arnold Stromberg, Chair, Department of Statistics and Co-Director, Applied  Statistics Lab (ASL)

Analysis of Complex Survey Data using Stata

 Dominique Zéphyr, Data Analyst, Applied Statistics Lab (ASL)