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Software Workshops, various instructors, mostly Fall, 2011, 2012:
     R, Stata, SAS, SPSS, MatLab, and ArcGIS.

2- or 3-day Statistical Workshops in May:  

Grant Workshops:

Statistical Workshops on Automated Text Analysis:

Annual Interdisciplinary Conferences  

Other Statistical Workshops

  •      "New Directions in the Study of Political Geography" Demonstration of GIS software” James Gimpel (December 2010)
  •       "Voter Migration and the Geographic Sorting of the American Electorate" James Gimpel (December 2010)
  •       "How the News Shapes Perceptions of the Economy" Yanna Krupnikov (October 2011)
  •       "Seven Deadly Sins of Contemporary Quantitative Political Analysis" Phil Schrodt (November 2011)
  •       “Matching Methods for Causal Inference” Gary King (April 2012)


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