Spring 2017 QIPSR Speaker Series

Spring 2017 QIPSR Speaker Series

Wednesday, April 19:

Professor John Patty, University of Chicago
Professor, Dept. of Political Science
Co-Editor, Journal of Theoretical Politics

10:30 to 12 noon: John Patty, "Does Representation Induce Polarization? A Theory of Choosing Representatives," Gatton Business & Econ 127

Check out Professor Patty's rcent books Learning While Governing: Expertise and Accountability in the Executive Branch and Social Choice and Legitimacy: The Possibilities of Impossibility.

His work has also appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, Political Science Research & Methods, Journal of Theoretical Politics, and Annual Review of Political Science.

Professor Jeff Gill, Washington University
Professor, Depts. of Political Science, Biostatistics, and Department of Surgery

1:50-3:00: Jeff Gill, "Critical Differences in Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Inference and Why the Former is Better,” Gatton Business & Econ 127

Check out Professor Gill's recent books Essential Mathematics for Political and Social Research and Bayesian Methods: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Approach.

His work has also appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of PoliticsElectoral StudiesStatistical Science, and Political Research Quarterly.

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